Delta Theta-Arkansas State University


  •         Chapter founded in 1948 by Dr. W.W. Nedrow
  •          Initiated more men than any other fraternity on campus (1,797)
  •          The largest Alumni base of any fraternity at A.S.U.
  •          One of the largest houses of any fraternity on the A.S.U. campus
  •          PIKE has an extremely active alumni advisory board that works to make our fraternity experience outstanding
  •          The Delta Theta chapter of PIKE is located only about an hour away from the PIKE Nation Headquarters in Memphis, TN


Scholars: PIKE members maintain a high overall GPA thanks to our scholarship chairmen who set strict expectations when it comes to our classwork. Our members also strive to maintain great relationships with A.S.U. professors, faculty, and staff.

Leaders: PIKE has more S.G.A. senators than any other fraternity. The 2012-2013 IFC Most Outstanding Fraternity Man is a PIKE. The œSmythe Award is given to the top 5% of PIKE chapters across the nation, we have 13. 

Athletes: Of the 12 years the intramural point system has been established, we have won 10 times. PIKE has more A.S.U. varsity athletes than any other fraternity on campus.

Gentlemen: Pike strives to maintain good relationships with all 5 sororities on campus. The Delta Theta Chapter hosts the Annual Miss A.S.U. pageant that awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to its winners, and is a preliminary pageant to Miss Arkansas.


Country Music Stars: Craig Morgan, Buddy Jewell, and David Nail are all PIKES initiated through the Delta Theta Chapter at Arkansas State.

Other Prominent PIKES from across the Nation: Tim McGraw, Rick Dees, Bobby Bowden, and many more. Also various political officers including Congressmen, Senators, and the U.S. Ambassador to Turkey.