Alpha Upsilon-University of Mississippi

Chancellor’s Cup

œThe UM KA’s are at the top, a five star organization.

According to the University’s Dean of Student Affairs Office:

Under the program, each Greek chapter earns points for membership education, university and community relations, academic achievements, financial responsibility and campus involvement and campus distinction.

Through the points system, the organizations also receive a star rating, based on a five-star scale, which documents, measures and rates each’s activities. The UM KAs are at the top, a five-star organization. The system “quantifies” what campus Greek organizations are doing and helps the chapters better evaluate and manage themselves.

  • 2005Pictured at right: No 1; Jimbo Moss with KA’s three consecutive Chancellor’s Cup!
      • 2004Pictured: No I Wesley Clay with KA’s second consecutive Chancellor’s Cup!  


      • 2003Pictured: are Beau Patrick, No II; John Eric Hester, No I and Province Undergraduate Chairman Stuart Saunders, former No III, as they arrive back at the KA House on Monday night (April 21) with the trophy.   Story from Oxford Eagle (2003)  tim3