Beta Xi-Oklahoma State University

Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation

The KAOEF continues to achieve its mission by providing support for educational and leadership opportunities for our undergraduates every year. Opportunities like the Number I’s Leadership Institute (NLI), enhanced Province Councils, Emerging Leaders Academy and The Crusade program and RoundTable!

Established in 1982, the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The KAOEF provides grants for educational programs of the fraternity, such as the Number I’s Leadership Institute and Province Councils, and provides scholarships to deserving graduate and undergraduate members. The KAOEF funds these programs with donations contributed by KA alumni. The KAOEF asks alumni to contribute to KA annually, and it is through their generosity that these programs, which benefit our undergraduate brothers, are supported.

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Forever KA

No matter how your life has been impacted by Kappa Alpha Order, we’d like to introduce you to a new way that your brothers are helping future brothers have the same wonderful experience: Forever KA.

Forever KA is not a giving society; it is an opportunity for Kappa Alpha alumni to stay connected for life by supporting not only the Order, but also their specific chapters with a gift of only $18.65 per month. With your support we can continue to enrich the lives of so many.

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The Loyal Order

The Loyal Order is an elite group of alumni and undergraduate KAs committed to the enduring bonds of our brotherhood and to the future success of Kappa Alpha Order.

Launched in 2003, the Loyal Order now has over 2,500 members who have made this commitment. You may have heard the phrase, “Once a KA, always a KA.” The principle purpose of the Loyal Order is to provide you a way to recommit to a lifetime of brotherhood. Joining the Loyal Order is the best way to stay connected to KA. It also provides you a wonderful opportunity to help shape the future of KA.

The Loyal Order helps secure the future of one of the oldest fraternity magazines in the world, The Kappa Alpha Journal, which has been published since 1879. In fact, the Loyal Order’s primary objective is to fully endow The Journal in order to free up more resources for our undergraduate programs.

The motto of the Loyal Order is “Fratres Fidele” or “Brothers Faithful” and expresses the core value of those who’ve made a commitment to the Order’s future. We believe that the greater the loyalty of a group, the greater the probability the group will achieve its goals, and this is another primary reason the Loyal Order was established.

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