Beta Xi-Oklahoma State University

What does KA stand for? From being gentlemen, to aiming for excellence, our values are rooted in our ritual and initiation. Click below to read some public statements on the Orders principles and mission.

  • Reverence

Our founders sought to emulate the ideal Christian gentleman and in so doing recognized the importance of having a deep reverence for God. Our motto, “Dieu et Les Dames” means “God and the ladies” and reflects our commitment to the ideals of modern chivalry as a contemporary order of knights.

  • Gentility

The men of Kappa Alpha Order are known as the gentlemen of the fraternity world. A KA, through his gentility, should always be distinguished by his modern chivalric characteristics.

  • Service

At the heart of the code of chivalry and the fabric of KA is service to those in need. Through community service, volunteerism and commitment to philanthropy, KAs aim to serve those around them as students and citizens.

  • Leadership

We teach our members to be leaders among men, on campus, in their communities, and throughout life. Through bravery and self-reliance, KAs strive to lead their lives with honor, and when given the opportunity, to lead others with humility, integrity, and justice.

  • Knowledge

The philosophy of our Order is that the acquisition of knowledge and the development of character are the great goals of life. Our focus on the cultivation of knowledge manifests itself through academic achievement on campus, growth and success in our careers, and the positive impact we have in the communities where we reside.

  • Perseverance

“Onward” is ever our stance despite the danger and difficulty that life often brings. KAs understand that anything in life worth attaining will take hard work, dedication, and determination, whether in the classroom, the community, or throughout the endeavors of life.

  • Excellence

Excellence is our aim and “Upward” is the direction that we continually strive. No matter the situation or circumstance, KAs work to attain excellence and to overcome the temptation to settle for mediocrity. We exemplify this commitment through leadership and service to others, with a vision to make the world a brighter place in which to work and live