Beta Kappa-University of Maryland - College Park


Our founders sought to create an organization rooted in the highest ideals of the time. These traits of honor, chivalry, and the notion of the true Southern Gentleman have remained timeless throughout the ages.

Each member of the Kappa Alpha Order strives to offer reverence to both God and women, and offers his brother fraternal love, trust, and loyalty. The philosophy of the Order is that the acquisition of knowledge and the development of character are the great goals of life, and we strive to apply it to our daily lives.

If you are interested in rushing the Order, please fill out our potential new member form here.


At KA, our bid process is 100% unanimous, not just a simple majority, so a new member knows that every single brother wants them to join the Order.  Through fellowship and brotherhood, KA seeks to teach young men leadership, bravery, and self-reliance so that they may continually strive to better themselves.


– You’ll have a supportive group of friends during college, and beyond

– You’ll have excellent scholastic resources available to help you achieve your academic goals

– You’ll learn important leadership skills and get a chance to practice them as a chapter officer or committee member

– You’ll be able to attend regional and national leadership conferences and meet fraternity brothers from throughout the country

– You’ll be encouraged to get involved in other clubs and campus organizations

– You’ll participate in intramurals and events like Greek Week and Homecoming with other fraternity members

– You’ll be exposed to career opportunities through interaction with fraternity alumni


The Beta Kappa chapter of The Kappa Alpha Order is regarded as one of the premier representations of the ideals and spirit of its original four founding fathers. We participate in KAs full membership development program, the Crusade, ensuring a successful career on campus and beyond.

We are also a back to back winner of the prestigious Samuel Zenas Ammen Award, given to the top 15 chapters in the country for chapter excellence.

Additionally, as the oldest fraternity at the University of Maryland, KA strives to set examples on campus. We continually appear in championships in flag football, indoor and outdoor soccer, volleyball, and basketball, and our trophy collection is one of the best on campus.

However, excellence is not only achieved athletically, as our house GPA is above the All Mens Average, and our members boast a 98% job placement rate after graduation.

We also have one of the largest houses on Frat Row, and in the summer of ’08 had renovations worth over $100,000, adding a new study room and high-tech entertainment center.

Notable Awards:

– 2009 Third Place Homecoming Skits

– 2009 Regional Most Improved Chapter

– 2009 IFC Most Improved Chapter

– 2009 First Place Greek Week Tug-of-War

– 2009 Second Place Greek Week Skits

– 2009 Third Place Greek Week Football

– 2008 First Place Homecoming Relay Race

– 2007 First Place Intramural 6×6 Volleyball

– 2007 First Place Intramural Indoor Soccer


Fall 2012 Rush:

Information about Fall 2012 rush coming soon!