Beta Kappa-University of Maryland - College Park

Number One Fund

The Beta Kappa Fund will help ensure long-term financial stability and risk management for the active chapter.  The fund will provide for activities that promote growth of the active Beta Kappa chapter, and promote the values of Kappa Alpha within the chapter and its surrounding student body.

  • How do I donate?

    For now go here, or call Mike Hatfield at 301-887-7195 to make arrangements.  Initially the funds will be deposited into the account established for the Centennial celebration; all remaining proceeds from this event will then be used to establish the initial deposit for the most appropriate fund formation.
  • What will the endowment fund be used for?

    To execute its strategic objective the fund will be used to allow for any activities that positively promote the Beta Kappa chapter's growth or ensure the longevity and existence of the chapter at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Some examples include:


    Core Objective

    How Objective is Met

    Alumni/Active networking events

    Promote growth

    Strengthening this relationship and offering more intra-network career opportunities will increase the attractiveness of the chapter to gentlemen seeking membership

    Crisis event funding

    Risk management

    Long-term, much of the funds raised will be saved/invested if the chapter is ever in danger requiring financial support.  The BK chapter currently operates without emergency assets which is highly perilous.

    Housing Improvements

    Promote growth/Risk management

    The chapter house is one of the most (or least!) attractive recruiting tools today.  By keeping the chapter house's amenities first-tier we ensure greater BK success.

    Scholarships/Educational Programming

    Promote Growth

    Providing scholarships for top KA brothers is highly attractive to the most sought recruits, and incentivizes the strongest active brothers to take part in leadership that will enhance the brotherhood and its reputation.

    Recruiting events

    Promote Growth

    Some larger recruiting events throughout the year that will include the BK Alumni Chapter will also promote the chapter, its mission and its values while strengthening the connectivity of the chapter network.

  • Who will manage the Beta Kappa fund?

    The newly formed Beta Kappa Alumni Chapter.  While active will be involved so individuals can gain the experience and skill set of managing a fund, alumni chapter management ensures sounder, longer-term, democratic decision making that is best for your donations.  
  • What are the benefits to the active chapter?

    • Peace of mind that if any crises face the chapter, both brothers and funds are available to weather the circumstances.
    • Better relationships, a stronger brotherhood, and more fun recruiting at better funded events
    • A stronger network.  Active chapter brothers will meet more alumni in the alumni chapter and network with those donating.  The brothers will have to prove their ability to use the funds to successfully grow the Beta Kappa chapter resulting in a sharper focus on chapter operations, long term strategy, and doing the right thing for Beta Kappa success at all times.
  • What are the benefits to me for donating?

    • Save money!  The BK Alumni Chapter is going through the proper steps to create the most appropriate type of fund that will allow the most tax deductibility for donors while providing the most effectiveness for the objectives of the Beta Kappa chapters.
    • Easier recruiting for your business or organization. If you are in a position to hire staff at any level, you know how helpful a larger chapter and better long-term connectivity to other alumni will be for your recruiting needs.
    • Peace of mind that Beta Kappa will be equipped with the funding necessary to make the chapter a growing success at the University of Maryland despite the normal fiscal challenges a chapter encounters occasionally in the long-term spectrum.