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The weekend of November 10-12, 2017, the Alumni Board of Trustees (ABT) and the Delta Chi Building Corporation (DXBC) hosted a successful Chapter Operations Workshop. John Hairston ’87, Robert Hubbard ’88, Chris Strohm ’85, and Joe Lawhorn ’05 presented informative sessions on Academics, Rush, Financial Management, and Housing with nearly 100% participation by actives and associates. Additionally, several alumni from the 90’s were in attendance and contributed to the discussion: Travis Swenson ’94, Dave Edwards ’93, Chris Hester ’93, Chris Smith ’98, Brian Sullivan ’94, and Rick Bethay ’93.

The workshop resulted in specific goals for the chapter related to class attendance, GPA ranking among fraternities, philanthropy, campus involvement, chapter growth, and house occupancy. Achievement of the goals will be carefully measured and monitored by the ABT.

Contributions to the 2017 Alumni Association Membership Campaign not only made this event possible but also allowed the Delta Chi Alumni Association (DXAA) to sponsor a dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday.

In order to finish 2017 in a strong financial standing and to be well positioned to achieve our goals for 2018, the DXAA needs your help in raising an additional $3,330.

Contributions to the campaign will assist the DXAA to achieve the following goals:

  • Sponsor members attending the Region VIII Leadership Conference in at Kennesaw State in March
  • Pay the $2,000 Leftfield Lounge fee for the upcoming inaugural season of the new Dudy Noble Field
  • Provide continued support to our growing chapter which will reach 50 members with the upcoming initiation class

If you have not given to this important effort thus far, we invite you to join the growing list of donors! To do this, simply visit the Membership Campaign page and click, “Support the Campaign.”

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