Lost Weekend at Chi Phi

ETA’s everywhere enjoy remembering our old 290 S. Lumpkin location, which we enjoyed from 1928 to 2012.  You will find the link below to the video of the last “Lost Weekend” big event held by ETA Chapter, just prior to the Chapter House’s closing.  The event was held in April 2012.



Chi Phi Masters Tournament and Party, 1968

ETA Chapter of Chi Phi has always had a close connection with the Masters Tournament, although the events of the “Masters Tickets Scandal” of April, 1965, will not be discussed herein. What will be discussed, is that around that same period of time, ETA Chapter dug holes in the front yard and had a “Mini-Masters” golf tournament on the front lawn at 290 S. Lumpkin. The video (below) of the event and subsequent party probably occurred in the spring of 1968, although some argue for 1969, and some argue for earlier years. The film is highly entertaining, as well as the accompanying music. The Chi Phi jukebox is shown and the Confederate Flag is still hanging at the KA House next door.

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