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Preliminary Wimberly Tailgate Schedule for 2017


Gals and Guys:

I know all of you have been anxiously awaiting my announcement concerning the Wimberly tailgate schedule for this fall.  Final arrangements have been made for the first tailgate, on Saturday, September 2, which will be a great tailgate because kick-off is not until 6:15 p.m. in the game against Appalachian State.  Tickets will likely be readily available for the game for those who want to go, and Appalachian State has actually only lost five football games over the last 3-4 years, and went up to Ann Arbor and beat mighty Michigan about 10 years ago when Michigan was ranked in the top 5.  Just last year Appalachian State took Tennessee into OT in Knoxville.

For the September 2 tailgate, I hired the Gold Standard Band which will be playing from 1:30 – 5:45 p.m.  This band specializes in my beloved beach music but will add some different type music because of the varying age groups anticipated coming.  Let me now tell you about the tailgate itself, what to expect, places to park, and the like.

My second home is a historic home built in 1906, known as Arnocroft (925 S. Milledge Avenue), and is located in the middle of fraternity and sorority row, roughly a 10-minute or so walk to the stadium.  It is right next door to my Chi Phi fraternity house and we share a common parking lot behind Arnocroft, which holds approximately 80 automobiles.  While you will likely find a place to park immediately behind my house, there is always a danger you could be blocked by other cars from getting out, although blocking cars are supposed to leave their keys.  Normally there is plenty of free parking along Rutherford (my house is on the corner of Rutherford and South Milledge) on the West or Atlanta side, which is where I personally park.  The walk is less than 50 yards.  If you prefer, you can park behind the chiropractic office right across the street from me, and there are also hundreds of parking spaces behind Clarke Central High School, near the intersection of S. Milledge and Baxter, two blocks away, but these places charge a parking fee of $20.

I have added some improvements to Arnocroft, which is a combination of antiques and “good time” furnishings.  For example, I have four (yes four!) bars, including a canopy bar with a chandelier and painted glass.  I have two (yes two!) juke boxes with appropriate soul and beach music, and a dance floor on the patio.  We have been known to have a band in the front yard.  There are also snacks and open bars with lots of beer, wine and alcohol.  Most of the activities are before the game; however, you are welcome to come by after the game.  I normally have a filled tub full of iced-down beer, a “shooter bar,” and have added a “keg” with whiskey.

I am always trying to make game days bigger and better and am trying to beat the 400+ people I had for the Clemson game three years ago.  The major tailgates for the year will be as follows:

  1. September 2, Appalachian State, scheduled for a 6:15 p.m. kick-off, a full day for tailgating
  1. September 23, Mississippi State
  1. October 14, Missouri
  1. November 4, South Carolina
  1. November 18, Kentucky


It would be nice if you are coming to drop me an email at jww@wimlaw.com.  It is hard to plan when you have 400 for one tailgate and 40 at the next.  I do promise I will not run out of alcohol.

I am sending out the tailgate schedule earlier this year so that people all over the world can make their flight plans!

People Moving Between Chi Phi House and Arnocroft