ETA Chapter Held Its 150th Anniversary Function

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ETA Chapter held its 150th Anniversary function on Saturday night, May 13, 2017, at the Ansley Golf Club in Atlanta. The event was attended by at least 107 ETA Chapter brothers, many accompanied by their spouses or significant others. The photographs below were taken by Billy Miller.

Jim Wimberly introduced Judge Albert Pickett, who gave a truly spellbinding history of ETA Chapter. This history will soon be published on our website as well as in our archives. Peter Amann gave a brief report on our capital campaign, followed by current Chapter President Barlow Sanders, who gave a report on ETA Chapter’s current status. Denny McClelland hosted the event and a great time was had by all.

The following brothers were in attendance:

Jimmy Black (Sr.)

Mike Bennett

Gregory Booth

George Akers

Scott Akers

Scott Akers, Jr.

William (Billy) Jones

Robert Miller

James Walsh

Andrew Linsay

Douglas Garges

Walter B. McClelland

John C. Sumlin

Anthony Bagiatis

Geri Forehand

Willis Ryckman

Calvin R. Allen, Jr.

Barksdale Collins

Robert P. Dourron

Bo Brown

Joe Neighbors

Jeff Ball

Denny McClelland

Jim Wimberly

Senour Reed

Peter Amann

Judge Albert Pickett

Rutherford Seydel

William Miller

Brad Kibler

Mike Dever

Matt Fletcher

Frank Moore

Hugh Inglis

Dub Anderson

Malcolm Bentley

Robert Freeman

Clay Allen

Penn Clarke

Steve Kerr

Kirk Malone

Paul Jolly

James Hanger

Steve Goodsell

Richard Bryant

Vernon Skiles

Michael Murray

James Black, Jr.

George Connell

Lee Gilbert

Jeff McArdle

Frank Sinkwich

David Fortson

Mark Mack

Sam Hale

Bob Heazel

Ian Smith

Stephen Kennedy

Jon Stewart

Andrew Bairstow

Curtis Johnson

David Dingee

Jack Davis

Burke Lambert

Milton Brannon

Andy Aderhold

Merritt Huber

Fred Glass

Houston Snavely

Tommy Boyle

Jimmy Daniel

Chip Watson

Frederick Dawson

Mark Murrah

Brad McQueen

MiSteven Lynch

Collin Trost

Michael Thomas

Frampton Simons

Allen Wester

Andy Sumlin

Jim Bahin

Robert Parker

Michael Walsh

John Hanger

Cooper Brantley

Jon Bogie

Edward Marks, Jr.

Seth Mellon

Spence Godfrey

Harold B. Jones

Kevin Smith

Hap Harris

Barlow Sanders

Thomas Pendergrast

Frank Lumpkin

Ned Walter

Chuck Malone

Travis Towe

Jesse Webster

Everett Cramer

John Shewmaker

Andrew Regan

Chipper Allen

Jay Fulwiler

Andrew Carroll

Clark Howell

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