Nu-Auburn University

Greetings! My name is Will Kestertone and I am currently serving as KA’s social chairman. Below is a list of events that we host every year. KA holds many events through the year that create memories that last a lifetime for our brothers. Many of these events have long-standing traditions behind them and every year we look to build upon that legacy. Each event is often accompanied by a band/DJ.

FALL Events

Although the Spring is when we host the majority of our formal events, we always host a band party every home football weekend, a Halloween Party in October, as well as a Christmas Celebration before finals begin.


This anniversary takes place every winter on the evening of January 19th as we admire and adore the spiritual founder of the Kappa Alpha Order, Robert Edward Lee of Old Virginia. Brothers and Dates dress in their finest threads and accompany one another to a remote location off campus to enjoy fellowship and camaraderie. We take this time to not only honor everything in which Lee embodied, but we also utilize this opportunity to reflect on who we are and what we stand for as Kappa Alpha Gentlemen. Feel free to see photos from this year’s Convivium!


Preceding Old South Week, the entire chapter retreats to New Orleans for the weekend in order to celebrate the re-establishment of the New South after the conclusion of the Civil War. We spend the weekend shopping, partying, and exploring the entire French quarter and always host a formal event that Saturday eve at one of Bourbon Streets finest bars. This weekend is one that is always highly anticipated by the entire chapter and always provides lasting memories.


This event is yet another storied celebration in which the chapter celebrates one of the oldest traditional dances of Scotland. Brothers and Dates throw on their Kilts every February to honor this famous gathering. The weekend begins on a Friday afternoon and culminates Saturday evening when the chilling sound of bagpipes echoing across the entire campus from the front porch of the mansion. We take pride in the fact that this weekend is unique to no other, and is truly a remarkable setting.

“Traditions Never Die” WEEK

Wrapping up another wonderful year, our “Traditions Never Die” week is one of the most heralded events in the entire greek community at Auburn, and it is always a truly memorable experience. Every Spring around the beginning of April, we turn back the hands of time to when the Southland both prospered and flourished. The celebration begins on Saturday with our invitation ceremony and proceeds through the following Saturday. The week is filled with excitement and splendor provided by band parties each night, Casino Night, yard socials, and a trip to the Braves’ game. As Kappa Alphas’, we cherish this time to celebrate our southern roots and embrace the embodiment of the southern spirit.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about our social scene. Thank you!



Will Kestertone ’14

Kappa Alpha Order | Nu

Social Chairman | 404-229-6592