Nu-Auburn University

Dear Parent of Prospective Rushee,

I am excited that your son is interested in becoming a member of the Kappa Alpha Order. Nu Chapter has a rich and storied history, yet we feel that the future can be even brighter. We are looking forward to getting to know your son and seeing how he might contribute to that bright future. I understand that as a parent, the rush process can be overwhelming. Undoubtedly, you have questions about our organization’€™s beliefs, how the rush process goes, etc. At KA, we strive to be the gentlemen of the fraternity world. Our goal is to treat all women with respect and to conduct ourselves in a manner that would be fitting of our spiritual founder, Robert E. Lee. Given those beliefs, we are staunchly against drugs and hazing. When it comes to member selection, we have but one steadfast rule: That every man be a Gentleman.

At Auburn, we participate in both informal summer rush and formal fall rush. During summer rush, we will have several different outings over the summer months to get to know potential new members in casual, relaxed atmospheres. Typical rush outings might consist of an Atlanta Braves baseball game, lake party, or river float. For weekend summer rush events, we will make sure that all rushees have sleeping accommodations either at the KA Mansion or with one of our brothers’€™ residences in Auburn. If your son is interested in coming to summer rush parties, make sure he has submitted his information to be added to our rush list. Formal rush takes place at the beginning of fall semester. This is a more structured process, where potential new members select which houses they would like to visit based on their own interest in each fraternity.

We typically extend bids during both the summer and fall rush periods. Throughout the whole rush process, we try to make sure that potential new members are not pressured into making any rash decisions regarding accepting a bid. We want your son to find the right fraternity fit just as much as we want to find the right men for KA. I hope this has helped to shed light on the values which we strive for and our rush process here at KA. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me personally.

We look forward to meeting your son!



Wilson Smith

Kappa Alpha Order | Nu

Number IV | 205-585-4670