Nu-Auburn University

Kappa Alpha Order and its members are widely known for our association with Robert E. Lee. Kappa Alphas have never claimed that Lee was an initiated member of the Order, but we do rejoice that KA was born under the white light of his noble life. We are immensely proud and honored that his ideals were woven into KA’s soul, and that he is, in a profoundly real sense, our spiritual founder. Lee, in his daily actions, letters and conversations, represented the perfect example of what the best in man can attain. He was a living example of what the founders and the first Kappa Alphas were aspiring to emulate. Ammen wrote that the ideal of the gentleman, ?is that of the chivalrous warrior of Christ, the knight who loves God and country, honors and protects pure womanhood, practices self-respect to ill-gotten wealth.? To Ammen and others, Lee in his daily walk, was this perfect gentleman. Therefore, we can look to Lee and examine his philosophy and characteristics to learn more about our own set of ideals. He exemplifies the highest standards, the most chivalrous conduct and the finest traits of manliness, and it is in this aspect that KAs regard him as the spiritual founder of our fraternity.