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    ATO FSU Committees, Job Descriptions & Goals

    The House Corporation is looking for alumni to move the fraternity forward – and ultimately into a new fraternity house – by devoting their expertise and time to several new alumni committees described below. If you are interested in lending a hand to one of these committees, let us know. The House Corporation will formally appoint committee chairs to one-year terms. Committees are not permitted to enter into contracts, spend money or authorize the spending of money without house corporation approval. Committee chairmen are asked to make quarterly, written updates to the house corporation and overall alumni membership.

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    Recolonization: This committee will work with the ATO National Headquarters and FSU to plan the return of the chapter in 2025. This committee will also help support and advise new members as they begin rebuilding the chapter.
    • Committee Chair: TBD

    House Corporation Board of Directors: The House Corporation Board of Directors will manage the corporations funds for a future house and plan for the eventual renting, acquisition and/or construction of a new house for ATO when the chapter returns in 2025.

    75th Anniversary Planning Committee: In 2022, ATO will celebrate 75 years at FSU. This committee should plan, organize and implement an appropriate, cost-effective 75th anniversary celebration for alumni.
    • Committee Chair: TBD

    Alumni Data Mining: To improve communication and engagement, this committee should help improve the quality of our alumni records by conducting online research and reaching out to other alumni to update contact information. Among other things, committee members might find ATO alumni on Facebook and LinkedIn, reach out to them and gather updated contact information from their online profiles. This committee should (1) reduce the number of lost alumni, (2) increase the number of cell phone numbers and increase the number of email addresses on file .
    • Committee Chair: TBD

    Social Media: This committee will develop and implement a social media strategy using LinkedIn, Facebook and other avenues to increase communication and engagement with ATO FSU alumni.
    • Committee Chair: TBD