Cavallaro ’11 Elected Student Body President

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In April, the students at Florida State University elected Brother Stefano Cavallaro ’11 as their Student Body . Cavallaro continues a long-line of ATO involvement in SGA that includes Nick Iarossi ’95 (the first ATO Student Boyd President at FSU), Cory Ciklin ’77 (the first ATO Student Senate President), Fred Maglione ’93 the first ATO Student Body Vice President) and Brandon Eisaman ’12 (our most recent Student Senate President).

Among other things, Cavallaro will oversee a $13.9 million budget and serve as a voting member of the University Board of Trustees responsible for selecting the next University President.

Stefano’s experience as the director of the Office of Governmental Affairs helped prepare him for his new role. “I’ve gained the opportunity to advocate on behalf of the entire student body, and it has given me a tremendous amount of practice and experience and that is definitely going to carry over into my work as Student Body President,” Cavallaro said.

Former Student Body Chief of Staff, Adam Rosenthal, believes Cavallaro is the right person for the presidency. According to Rosenthal, “Stefano is very well equipped to handle this job. He has a lot of experience at the Capitol, and I think that’s going to be a real strategic advantage for the university moving forward.”

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