The Alpha Iota Educational Foundation Scholarship Fund was created when the Foundation was established, and with the generous contributions of Alpha Iota Alumni, it has grown to over $300,000.  The investment income from this fund is used to provide individual scholarships each year for academic excellence.  Our Scholarship Committee reviews student applications and makes award recommendations for the Board’s approval.  We also present these scholarship awards at the Chapter House during the spring semester.

We will be conducting an Annual Campaign each year to ensure the continued growth of this Fund, which will allow for more scholarships.  We encourage you to make an annual donation of $25, $50, or $100 and would ask that if you are considering a gift to the Foundation, please send a personal check made out to the Alpha Iota Educational Foundation to:

Alpha Iota Educational Foundation
c/o OmegaFi (5381)
PO Box 2187
Columbus, GA 31902-2187

This Scholarship is typically granted annually and here is a list of the Scholarship recipients:

Shamik Patel
Andrew Grisemer
Sam Hauje

Chris Reem
Kyle Coughlin
Ed Reedy

Jack Sheridan
Jacob Weiskirch
Nathan Winning

Noel Abraham
Zachery Mazur
Nathan Winning

Carson Curry
Tyler Kacich
Wyatt Gaweda
Joshua Elam
Trevor Bechtold

Philip Charles
Benjamin Dabkowski
Dylan Despot
Michael Unti
Quinn Whitaker

Alexander May
Quinn Whitaker
Benjamin Dabkowski
Alexander Steagall
Benjamin Weisel

Ethan Goldwasser #2011
Nathan Lohrmann
José Mitjavila
Ray Vanlanot #1854
Michael Salzman #2020
Taylor Silverman
Dustin Silverman #1964

Matthew D’Aloia #2023
Adam Freidman #2016
Mike Goldberg #2034
Matthew Michel #2010
Michael Salzman #2020

Ethan Goldwasser #2011
Benjamin Lewis #1958
Emerson Long #1950
Christopher O’Keefe #1986
Daniel Scheldrup #1959
Daniel Schuster #1992
Dustin Silverman #1964

Brendon Kelly #1914
Yang Liu #1942
Emerson Long #1950
Dan Sheldrup #1959
Dustin Silverman #1964
Brandon Simon #1932
Lucas Supinski #1952

Matthew Strausburg #1880
Davis Hasenour #1879
Robert Rothkropf #1917
Gregory Cox #1865
Joseph Folz # 1921

Drew Grimm #1867
Ray Vanlanot #1854

Robert Phillips #1893
Greg Cox #1865
Ralph Sellers III #1847

Neilson Clark